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Trondheim vikinglag is a non-profit organisation consisting of members of all ages with an interest for the Viking Age, also known as the Iron Age. Our activities are best described as Living history, a particular, practical approach to cultural dissemination. Our focus is on crafts and everyday life in Norway and Trøndelag, from the late 8th century to the late 11th century. We do not have any religious nor political agendas.
Reenactment and living history
Another name for Living history is reenactment. Living history is not theatre. We do not play roles. Maintaining our modern personae, we try and reenact an historic era using archaeological or historical sources as inspiration, ensuring that our crafts are as authentic as possible.
Crafts make up a large part of our activities. We sew period clothes and shoes, cook period food and make our own period equipment.
We visit viking markets all over Europe. At market, we leave everything modern behind, cooking on the camp fire and sleeping in tents.
Courses and viking markets
There are viking market venues all over Norway, and at several places in Europe, to which our members travel as a group. Trondheim Vikinglag also organise our own Viking market at midsummer.
For our members we have monthly meetings where we socialise and do various crafts, or study historic texts to expand our knowledge of the era.
Trondheim Vikinglag consist of many knowledgeable people, and we often have courses in different crafting techniques, both for our members and externally. We also offer courses featuring external instructors from both near and far.
Some examples of courses previously offered are: Hand-stitching period clothes, leather work, embroidery, plant dyeing, mead brewing and needle binding.
Markets, visiting or organising
Craft nights and study circles
Courses and talks
Cultural dissemination